Small Autumn Mums – using gradation fabrics

titlesmallautumnmumI hand dye two basic multi-colored fabrics.

One is rainbow bright and the other one is blackened rainbow.

They are each made with 14 different colors. Starting with yellow and working through the color wheel to green.

Rainbow bright uses all “clear” colors.

Blackened rainbow uses the same 14 clear colors only I add black to the formula to create a richer darker palette.

Let me show you just ONE way that I use all the colors together.

My class Small Autumn Mums uses the Blackened Rainbow to create the background and border that the bright rainbow flowers will sit upon. 





I start out by fusing 1/2 yard of my blackened Rainbow fabric.

Once I peel off the paper from the fused fabric I cut it into the pieces that will be collaged  back together to create the background blocks and the stripey units that surround them. NONE of this is done with a sewing machine, it is all fused collaged.

I then add in long strips of color to create the border area. Again fused collage. 

I am teaching this class Wednesday, October 2, at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City IN. If you live near by you should join us for a fun day of collage quilt building Small Autumn Mums.

Small Autumn Mums

I place collage created “mums” on each of the background blocks and fuse them in place.

And I add in stems and leaves under each flower head and veins and leaves along two sides of the border to complete this fun wall quilt.

The border and background areas are all done with the yard of blackened rainbow. And all of the flowers are made from different sections of the rainbow gradation.

Two yards of fabric is all I needed to create this wonderfully fun “Autumn” wall piece.

I hope you all have a fun and save holiday weekend. I am going to make ribs and potato salad. How about you?


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  1. Bonnie

    Ooh…don’t be so mean! I would love to be able to time travel to take your course with you! I love your fabric colours. It is getting warmer here now so I will soon be outside dyeing again. One of our grandsons was home from school with a bad cold this week and we have some fabric soaked in vinegar and water then wrapped around rusted objects baking in plastic bags. It might be time to undo them today and see what magic has happened. It has been cold and wet so there is no chance they would have dried out…fun fun fun.

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