Small ART

I was so inspired by my little quilt for SAQA that I decide to make a few more.

I started with a piece of wonderful warm jewel tone silk charmeuse that was already fused and waiting in my scrap drawer.friedaandersontree5friedaandersontree8

I went to my other scrap drawer that is full of fused cotton pieces and picked a wonderful multi -colored yellow to green piece to use for the tree itself.


By cutting 1/2″ wide strips down the length of the multi colored cotton I am able to fashion my central tree shape and then place it on top of my silk .


I love the color combination.

I am now auditioning border pieces for it.


What do you think?Which combo do you like better the brown with hot pink and purple….

Or the orange with hot pink and purple…..

Or the orange with the brown? 

Inquiring minds want to know.



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