Sitting pretty

Are you well supported?

Are you comfortable?

Both of these things are so important while you are sitting at your sewing machine working.

I have a fabulous sewing chair that supports my back and allows me to adjust the height of it so that I can rest my arms comfortably on my sewing table while I am machine quilting.

Can you?

Don’t you think you are worth it and need to get something better if not. Just saying (that’s for you Deb)

Sewing chair

Sewing chair

Will I see you at the show this week in Chicago?

I hope so. Booth #1025


4 responses on “Sitting pretty

  1. Diane Fulton

    Yes, I’ll be there. Coming on a bus from Madison with friends. I’m with you…a good chair is critical, as is a sewing table with the machine set in at the right height. Right after I retired I ordered a table from Tracy’s tables. One of the best things I could have done. See you on Friday!

  2. sophie

    Only those that have one know how much difference a good chair makes. Recently I realized that I can quilt all day without any neck/back pain and I give my chair all the credit.

    If $$ is a factor, you can often find inexpensive, good, adjustable chairs at surplus sales of university or government furniture. My current chair came from IKEA, but before that, I found a great pair of chairs for $20 at the Univesity of Michigan surplus.

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