Singing in the rain.

I am home from Houston and so excited to be here. George and I went to the lake to walk in the RAIN! It was beautiful, refreshing and the colors in the landscape looked so crisp. We were in doggy heaven.

I thought I would share with those of you who were not able to make it this year some of the quilts that caught my eye. Remember, there is no rhythm or reason why I like something, I just do and I like to take pictures to look at over and over again.

This is the Artist Village that Kathy York organized. It was so wonderful to see it in person. So many of the houses were bigger than mine.


My house. It had trilliums growing around the base of the house and copper electroplated windows and doors with an oak leaf tile roof.


My friend Lois Podolny made this fabulous quilt. I loved the way she used the different fabrics and the decorative stitches from her sewing machine. It was breathtakingly beautiful.IMG_1321IMG_1324IMG_1322

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  1. Linda Dalton

    I saw a post on this Art Initiative a while back on Kathy’s page when she was working on her house. Your little house is adorable! I didn’t see this at the festival, was it only at market? I would have loved to have seen it as this seemed like such a wonderful project. How lucky you were to have been able to take part in it!
    As for your friend Lois…did she do the stitching on this quilt on her regular machine? It is incredible!

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