Signature quilt and hand dyed fabric.

My oldest son was married a year ago. I showed you in an earlier post the beginnings of quilting the quilt his mother in law and I made for the happy couple. We made this quilt with my hand dyed fabrics. I designed it on EQ7 and Linda pieced it. Now it is my responsibility to quilt it. I would like to give it to  them for Christmas so the race is on to finish it.
After doing all of the stitch in the ditch on the inside of the quilt that I want to do, I have begun to add in the quilting on the borders of the quilt. I drew templates for the oval shapes I wanted in the first border in Illustrator and cut them out of paper.
I spray basted them with 505 spray to hold them in place while I traced around the outline with a clover marking pencil. I have since quilted that shape and echo quilted inside of it twice. I quilted this shape with silk thread so that it would sink into the fabric rather than stand out. I wanted the writing from the signatures that people signed on the front of the quilt to stand out instead.
On a different note, this Thursday on Thankful Thursday I will be giving away a package of products. When you are a teacher at some of the big shows many of the sponsors of the shows fill our bags with wonderful goodies. Many of these goodies I use, some of them I don’t and some of them I already own. So I thought I would pass on the bounty.
Leave me comments through out the week to be eligible to win the first of these drawings.
I dye a little every day just for you. This is one of my “Mystery Fabrics” no two are alike and I can only sell these in person but today I am offering you the chance to purchase this gorgeous fall medley. If you are interested in purchasing this  multi colored brown, purple and lime green fabric it is $20. Email me and we’ll arrange something.

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  1. Cornwoman

    The quilt you and your son’s mother-in-law made together is going to be a really special one for the couple, especially with all of the signatures on it. It’s a big job to get done by Christmas, but I suspect that you’ll make it in time.

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