Shiny, Hot and Breakable

What do these three things have in common. Two Hot Fuser Chicks?

Laura Tacoma

Frieda in the museum shop

Well maybe not, but certainly  –


While on our trip to the very green and temperate Great Northwest, we were able to visit the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

What a great place to see art work in the making as well as experience beauty in an urban environment.

To get to the museum you walk through a tunnel lined with glass art. SO COOL.LauraTacoma











 tacoma walkway tacoma walkway2 wall of glass

The museum itself houses a furnace for making art glass and is open to the public to view the live action.furance furance2 furance3

This is the view from outside and inside, very very cool.

We only had a short to time to look around but it made our day.

2 responses on “Shiny, Hot and Breakable

  1. Susan

    So glad you got to look around a bit, and I was thrilled that on Sunday you could see the sun and perhaps Mt. Rainier? Anyway, I missed my opportunity. I decided I would keep the flu to myself….so glad that you could come to our Sew Expo. I hope you two will come again!

  2. Crazy Cuban

    Ooh! I’ll have to remember to visit the Museum of Glass next time I’m up in that area.
    Next to textile and quilting arts, glass art is my other favorite. It’s fascinating!

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