Shiny and pretty

I like shiny and pretty.
I guess I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to thread.
I started using Madeira rayon threads just about the time I started machine quilting.
I like the 30 wt thread because it is heavier and shows up more than the 40 wt threads on whatever I am quilting, it is also soft and handles easily in my machine.

I LOVE color, have I said that before and I love the gorgeous colors that Madeira makes.
These are the threads that the clothing industry uses to embroider those fun appliques on our clothing.

Shaping Nearly 100 Years of Fashion…
Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira has always been committed to the production of high quality embroidery threads.
In 1975, the company began to shift its concentration from the domestic German market to the global marketplace. Then in 1987, subsidiaries were set up worldwide to streamline the distribution process. Today, Madeira maintains a presence throughout the USA, Europe, Japan and key Asian markets.

All the Madeira embroidery threads are Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex is an international testing and certification system for textiles, limiting the use of certain chemicals. Our embroidery threads have been certified to meet the human-ecological requirement standard presently established for baby articles. Our embroidery threads fall within Class I and II of the Oeko-Tex classification system, and meet the new U.S. CPSIA law requirements.

When I first started buying the smaller spools of rayon thread from Madeira they did not have end-caps on the spools and were harder to use. It is one of the reasons I put them in a cup behind my machine. They have since changed the spools so that they look like any other threads that we buy and it has made them easier to use in our home sewing machines.

I contacted Madeira Manufactures and asked them a few questions about their thread. These are the questions and answers I got back.

I am interested in where you  the raw goods come from.
Madeira is a German Based Company, the raw goods for the Rayon thread are tree pulp, but I am not sure where the trees are harvested from.
Where it is manufactured?

The thread is Manufactured in Germany.
What is the main difference in using polyester over rayon?

The Polyester is made from man made materials, it is petroleum based. The Rayon is made from tree pulp; it is a natural fiber and is a little more sensitive than the poly because of that. The Poly is a little more abrasive on the machines because they need to be run with a higher speed and tension than the rayon, which is why it is more abrasive. The rayon has a deeper/richer color than the Poly.

Are all the colors, colorfast?
The Polyneon is color fast. The Rayon, because of the dye process and the material it is made of, cannot withstand the bleaching process. The Rayon will hold it’s color when washed in warmer water, but if there is chemicals in the wash it will dissipate the color.

What is the life expectance of the threads?
Our thread can “live” for about 7-10 years if stored properly. It needs to be stored in a cool dry location away from any direct light.

What is the difference in the weight sizes, what does the number indicate?
The weight of thread designates the thickness of the thread. The 40 weight is the standard. All Embroidery digitizing is done in the 40 weight thread, unless other wise designated by the digitizer. The 60 weight is a thinner thread, typically used for fine lettering and details; if you were to use a 40 weight where a 60 weight is needed the embroidery will look fuzzy and blocky. The 60 weight will give it a crispness. The 30 weight is thicker than the 40, this is used where there is a lot of fill to try and make the embroidery less bulky so it will not buckle under the weight of the design. The 12 weight thread is the thickest thread and it typically used in Chenille and Marrowing machines.

What is your best seller? 
Our Best selling threads are our Poly and the Rayon thread.

I have been very happy over the years using the Madeira 30weight thread to machine quilt my designs and will continue to use it because it is a natural fiber, flexible and comes in beautiful colors.  I don’t ever intend to bleach any of my quilts, nor do I intend to wash them with harsh chemicals.

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  1. Cornwoman

    Thanks for all of the info on Madeira threads. I didn’t know the difference between the rayon and the poly before, but I sure do now! I have a Madeira Thread Chest that has mostly the 40 wt rayon in it, and the colors are so stunning that I sometimes just open one of the drawers just to feast my eyes on the color!

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