Sherrill Kahn

I just returned from teaching in Long Beach. 

It’s great walking to work under the palm trees and walking to the beach from your job.

I had a wonderful time out in sunny CA. The people out there are SOOO laid back. We should live the life of southern California.

I had a fabulous surprise while teaching my FLOODED WITH COLOR dye class on Saturday.

While I was watching my students hard at work a woman comes sauntering in to my class room with purpose and pizzaz with a look in her eye of determination.

It was my long lost friend  Sherrill Kahn .

If you have never experienced Sherrill she is a force of nature and fun to be with. We had not seen each other in at least 7 years!!!

It was fun to get reacquainted. Some people just never seem to change.

If you are not familiar with Sherrill’s work you should be. Check out her webpage and book.

3 responses on “Sherrill Kahn

  1. Bonnie

    There is nothing in the world like catching up with long lost friends…and isn’t it amazing that you just pick up from when you last met?

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