Sketch it, Fuse it, Quilt it!!

Take Your Quilting to Beautiful Places!

My friend, Laura Wasilowski, has a brand new online Craftsy class ready for you to

view now. It’s called Sketch It, Fuse It, Quilt It class


In the class she shows you how to make a fused art quilt from start to finish. And

it all starts with a simple sketch. You’ll learn about drawing a design and how to

enlarge that sketch into a pattern of your own. (Or, you can use the pattern

provided for the landscape you see above.)


Then she shows you the possibilities of fun, fusible collages to make the fields,

grass, water, and trees. You’ll learn about collages for patterning, bias fusing,

weaving, strip fusing, and tiling for the leaves in the foreground.

Once your quilt top is complete, Laura, demonstrates a variety of free-motion

stitch pattern that work best on pictorial art quilts. Learn the famous MEMEME

stitch, sketching stitches, the wavy stitch, and snails on fire for the sky and border.

Check out Sketch It, Fuse It, Quilt It class!   I think you’ll like this class because Laura is

one terrific person! And I know this to be true.


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