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You should. All good things to know. These are the needles I use when I am quilting with rayon thread.

Needle Points from Rhonda

My sewing and quilting is often driven by weather. Too hot to garden and too humid for the beach, I often retreat to my air conditioned sewing room in August. This month will be quite a bit different.  I’m filming several SCHMETZ videos answering frequently asked needle questions – stay tuned for details. Before I know it, I will be surrounded by quilting and sewing professionals at three back-to-back wholesale tradeshows, celebrating my birthday, and then I’ll ask where did the month go? And where’s my August sewing? Good thing I got a lot of sewing done in January! Enjoy summer!

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Rhonda Pierce
Marketing Director

Glad You Asked!

“Can a dull needle be restored by using a strawberry emory or special sand paper?”

Thanks for asking Janice. SCHMETZ needles are an engineered tool. Once the point has been dulled, the point cannot be restored. Think about trying to sharpen a syringe needle or even a shaving razor. Ouch! Manually sharpening a needle to the exact tapered point is nearly impossible. Plus, the abrasion from sharpening will create drag on the needle causing fabric and thread damage, and even worse compromising machine tension – a three digit repair. Being fugal is admirable, but replacement of a dull needle is easy and inexpensive.


For review, here are clues to changing the needle:

  • Shredded or Broken Threads
  • Skipped or Uneven Stitches
  • Puckered or Damaged Fabrics
  • Popping Sound Made by Sewing Machine