Saturday – a work day after all

Here it is Saturday and I’m still working. I need to finish up a different project for a different deadline.

I’ll post about it when it goes live.

I can’t believe the weather though. It is in the 50’s in December. Just a few years ago we had below freezing weather at this time of year. I firmly believe the world is coming to a violent end. Maybe not in my life time, but soon…..bah humbug.

On a brighter note. Have you finished your holiday shopping. I finished mine yesterday and tomorrow I will be wrapping and shipping.

Here’s a peak at what all my relatives and friends get from me.


My youngest son works at Fisher Nut in the accounting department, so it makes perfect sense to share the wealth. Besides I LOVE nuts. My DIL however doesn’t get any of this as she is HIGHLY allergic. She gets something bigger and better.

I’m participating in Cheryl Sleboda’s ‪#‎31dayblogchallenge‬. I hope you following along.


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