Santa Claus is REAL

Nothing says Christmas like the perfect Santa.

I collect Santa’s.
I collect many things but Santa’s is one of the happiest collections.
It’s a fun collection and it promotes such happy memories when I begin to unpack them each year for their yearly trip into the real world.
Here are just a few of the Santa’s I have in my collection.
Do you have a collection? I’d love to hear what it is.
I stated collecting Santa Clauses a long time ago, probably when we first got married. I just love the imagery of a jolly fat man.

I like to treat myself to a new one each year.

I usually like ones that are kind of quirky.

It becomes a great treasure hunt to find one that appeals to my sense of humor or style or whatever it is I can’t explain. I really don’t like people to give me Santa’s, because I like to pick out my own.

The one on the far left is from my oldest son.
In the last month of my pregnancy of my eldest son, I had a dream that as I was leaving the hospital with him in my arms he turned into a monkey and leaped out of my grasp, scampering down steep steps that loomed ahead disappearing into a sewer drain. I know bizarre.
I tell him this story from time to time and we all laugh, we was born in the year of the Monkey according to the Chinese Calendar.
Last year he found that Santa with a monkey made out of wood. It was his Christmas present to me. No one else I think would really appreciate it.
I made this Santa in 1992. His robe is made of silk jacquard. It has a beautiful piece of tatted lace running down the center of it.
White Mink trims the cuffs and hat of his costume. My mom had a white mink coat and I had the trimmings from it.
His beard is made of 100’s of white buttons crocheted together. Many from my grandmothers button box.
I just love him. 
This guy is a real hoot. He is made of paper Mache and riding on a cow. The artist also had one riding a pig and I would have loved to have that one, but the pig was just too pale in color and didn’t really look as fun.
Check out his face, he looks so excited.
Santa is REAL.

4 responses on “Santa Claus is REAL

  1. Cornwoman

    I collect thimbles, some are old, some are souvenirs, and some I’ve made.

    Mostly, though, I think that I collect friends. It’s my favorite collection because they give my life a richness that I can’t get from anything that I can buy. I can find them in lots of different places and at unexpected times….and they not only don’t take up shelf space, but I never have to dust them!! lol

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