Running with Scissors

Have you ever RUN with Scissors? I don’t think so, even as a child I knew that was a dumb idea.

I have however pointed my scissors at people. Especially my sons when they came in my working space and were touching my stuff. You know my scissors and cutting tools. It was the only thing they were really interested in in my studio space, never sewing anything.

I do have a lot of scissors. I keep multiple pairs in my draw right where I work, as well as many pairs at my sewing machine.

That way when, not if, but when I can’t find the pair I was just working with 2 seconds ago, I can open my draw and get out another pair so I can continue to work and not have to stop and spend 15 minutes looking for the tools I was working with.

Here are just some of the scissors that I use.
I love my old dressers shears by Gingher. I got my first pair when I was in Fashion Design School along with the smaller Gingher silver embroidery size.

My favorite pair of scissors for cutting sharp small details are the little Ginghers with the decorative handles. Laura gave them to me many moons ago for Christmas. They have a really sharp tip and are very sharp for cutting tight small spaces.

My current favorite pair of small scissors and the ones I reach for first are these KAI 5” scissors.
I discovered these at a quilt show several years ago when the KAI scissors guy, Jim, was next to us in our booth. I like them very much. They cut smooth and clean and I always get a crisp cut.
I also have many pairs of the smaller size pictured in the upper right, for snipping.

Laura likes them because they have extra large holes for her fat thumbs.

If you haven’t tried them yet you might give them a snip, I sell them on my website on the notions page.

I just cleaned up my sewing area and put all my scissors away so I can start the process of making a big mess, I mean working again tomorrow

Happy Quilting.

2 responses on “Running with Scissors

  1. Mary Ellen

    I, too, discovered Kai scissors at a quilt show. I have not yet seen them in a quilt store. I wonder why that is? Anyway, they are great scissors, reasonably priced. I have them in two sizes.

  2. ms lottie

    We can get KAI scissors over here in NZ and the 5″ ones are my favourite for cutting small, sharp details in appliqué and for snipping threads.

    I like having multiple pairs of scissors so that a couple pair can be waiting at the sewing shop for the sharpening man to turn up and I still have some at home to use.

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