Rolling by

Sometimes when I teach I get to drive to my destination. I have to say that I like the drives and really appreciate the landscapes I see along the way.

It also gives me uninterrupted time to formulate ideas and quilts in my head while I drive along.

I know this sounds crazy, but I love the flat farm fields and rolling landscape of the Mid-West where I live.

I will often take pictures while I am driving, just point and shot out the car window. I get some great pics this way.

I am interested in the farms and fields and like to make little and big compositions from these car shots.


I am fascinated with barns. I want one someday. I think the idea of a big space to work in is what appeals to me about barns. I suppose though that they are rather drafty.



Illinois Landscape, was inspired by these point and shot pictures. As were all the other little quilts that follow.


This little landscape is featured in the Art Quilts, Fusible Collage book with Laura Wasilowski and Nancy Zieman.


Rolling By is a stripy collage style landscape with leaves and grass cut using the deckle blade in a 45mm rotary cutter.


Sister Trees is one of those composite compositions taken from the inspiration of my point and shot pics.

Farm and Field 16"x 17"$150

On the Way Home, more fields and barns. I just can’t seem to get enough of them.

6 responses on “Rolling by

  1. Cornwoman

    I agree totally. I, too, love road trips and the scenery along the way to my destination. You never know what might just be around that curve in the road. I’m particularly fond of forests.

  2. LJ

    “I know this sounds crazy, but I love the flat farm fields and rolling landscape of the Mid-West where I live.” You stole the words right out of my mouth! 🙂 Your work certainly reflects all the marvelous scenery around us; thank you.

  3. LJ

    Frieda, it’s me again. The link to the Art Quilts, Fusible Collage didn’t work for me. Can you send me the web address so I may check it out. Thanks.

  4. sewmuch2do

    Hi Frieda,

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations. I often have a bolt of an idea while driving, usually at night when I let my mind relax and go where it will. Often books or quotes are the jumping off point. I think people often excel at exploring and interpreting their home locations. Yours of the midwest are certainly beautiful and unique.

    Thanks again.

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