I am spending the day reorganizing.







After the quilt show in Chicago I have to put all the stock back in it’s proper place and get ready for the next gig.

So before the show it gets dragged out of the “studio” (basement) and put into boxes and stored in the loading dock (garage) until it is time to get loaded into the van.

Then when it comes home, it gets carried back down to the studio and restocked on the shelves to await the next big show which is Houston. Hopefully it will be reduced some over that time as I travel and teach.


I have to work out just to keep in shape so I can do all this lifting and hauling and carrying.

Oy, it’s exhausting sometimes to be so creative.

It was really good to have the show back in Chicago. I always like sleeping in my own bed. I just wish the work fairy would show up and do all the lifting and loading.

I hope you have a more FUN Day planned.



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