Remarkable Rambling Rose

I have spent many hours this week cleaning the gunk out of my garden.

There is a big oak tree in the neighbors yard that hangs over my garden and drops oak leaves throughout the fall and winter into my garden. So every spring there is a big clean up to clear the garden of this gunk.

20 years ago I planted this rose bush in the front of my garden allowing me a view it from my kitchen window. The idea was that I would enjoy the blossoms while I do the dishes. And this is true.

I know nothing about roses, and every spring I just hack away at it to trim back the overgrowth and dead parts and in the process cutting off the dead rosehips. And every year it comes back healthy and productive. Now that I think about it, I bet I could make rose hip tea if I cut those rosehips fresh in the fall… hum

This rose bush is a very ardent producer of fragrant and pink rosy blooms. They smell like sweat tea rose. I love to cut them and have them on the kitchen table, or sprinkle them in my bath water. Oh yes, I am a bather, I take a bath everyday, no showers for me.

My rose bush has buds and roses all summer long and if I let it, I’m sure it would ramble all over the garden.


Last week I finally got inspired to create a quilt in honor of this flower bush that gives me so much pleasure throughout the summer.


This is my newest pattern “Rambling Rose” 16” x 20”. It uses two different decorative blades to give it a little drama and whimsy.

The pinking blade and the wavy blade are both used in my rotary cutter to cut the leaves and vines and shadow of the rose.

It would look pretty hanging on your wall too.

Don’t forget to leave your comments for a chance to win the tablet keeper directions and fabric. I will announce the winner Monday. See you then.

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  1. patchouli moon studio

    Okay I’m confused. I have tried leaving comments about winning the tablet, but I couldn’t find the comment thing to click on. Now I just saw it at the TOP, not the bottom of the posting. You are making us work for this aren’t you? Ha, ha. Again, the Rambling Rose is just gorgeous, in case you didn’t read all my other comments, he, he.

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