Rejection is tough

Rejection is always tough. You don’t understand why something you think is great isn’t accepted into a show. BUT you must remember that judging and aesthetics is all arbitrary. Anyway that’s what I tell myself. But I do know for a fact that when I judge a show, and I have judged many, there is always dissent among the judges, we all have our favorite┬ástyles, techniques, colors, and ideas. It becomes a consensus of quality.

This little quilt was REJECTED from the IQA show in Houston this fall. It was entered in the minature category. I personally think that it is fabulous, but whoever, and I haven’t looked, judged the entries just didn’t get it.

Never mind, I still love it and will continue my journey down this path of new creativity, Creative Crisp Curved piecing.

Rainbow Pines II 18″ x 24″ hand dyed cotton fabric, machine pieced and machine quilted.


8 responses on “Rejection is tough

    1. Linda

      I love it. Too bad those attending the Houston show won’t get to see it. They will be missing out. Your quilting is stunning. Are the inner borders pieced or quilted; the texture adds so much to the piece.

  1. Susan

    Do you ever get a critique back explaining what they were looking for or what they felt it lacked? I imagine a traditional quilter whose taste ran to blues and beiges might find the (fabulous) colors and (gorgeous) quilting beyond their realm, but I would think there would be another judge chosen for their more contemporary taste. Whatever. It’s beautiful and the colors and quilting are stunning!

  2. Frieda Anderson

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. I imagine that they were looking for something different. It’s just hard to be rejected.

  3. susan718

    I think it’s quite striking and very beautiful.
    sometimes I have trouble understanding why some quilts win awards, and why others did not.

    I hope you don’t give up. There are plenty of other quilt shows.

  4. Debbie H

    I would have chosen it. I love bright colors and the lack of chaos in modern quilts. Keep on creating what is beautiful to your creative spirit. I am sorry more people will not get to enjoy this piece of art because of their decision.

  5. Deb B

    I’m glad I got to see it here. I don’t get to shows outside my state anyway, so I’m really glad you shared it with us!

  6. Frieda Anderson

    Thanks everyone for such wonderful support. I hesitated to post about this, but I know it is part of the process and I wanted to share my thoughts.

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