Quilts in public places

I love to see quilts displayed in public places.

I have a few of my works displayed in health centers. I like to think that is makes  people happy to view them.

Art made with fabric is often warm and inviting, as so many woman are.

When I was in NC recently, my two hostess took me to The First Citizens Bank in Hendersonville, NC. Hanging on the walls of this impressive building where quilts made by local quilt artists that had been commissioned by the Architect for this building . There were also several beautiful and striking antique quilts.

Each of the pieces of art was displayed behind Plexiglas and mounted on linen boards. The displays were stunning.

Here are just a few of the pieces.

“Golden Threads and Silver Needles made by Georgia Bonesteel, 1988

I saw Georgia at the quilt guild and we had a nice chat. I didn’t realize that she once lived in the Chicago land area, and worked at Marshall Fields, as did I.

“Stormy Sea” made by Barbara Swinea 1988. This is beautifully crafted and HAND quilted.


“Love Apple Variation” made by Linda Cantrell, 1988. This is a very different piece for Linda who makes fun and whimsical pieces that often tell a story. Notice Linda is talking, as she often is, as she is always telling a fun story.
Antique 1 1/2” squares

I believe this was made of wool. All of the quilts did not have their “name” tags with them as they had recently been rehung and moved.


This piece was behind the tellers at the bank. “Mirage” by Ellen Kochansky, 1988


Also by Ellen,”Form-Content”

What a great way to view quilts and what a wonderful setting for them. I hope the people of Hendersonville enjoy this great art.

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  1. Cornwoman

    What gorgeous quilts!! I especially love the one behind the tellers.

    When I was in Sisters on vacation a few years ago, I saw a beautiful quilt that was hung either in the Chamber of Commerce or the bank. I was so surprised at seeing one hung in a public building, but pleased. It was gorgeous.

    It would be great to see more quilts hung in public buildings.

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