Quilts from the Houston show

It is always so much fun to see so many wonderful quilts at all the quilt shows I get to go to.

Laura and I had our booth again at the IQF show in Houston last week. 

You can see that Laura was really  working hard on the first day of set up.









But let’s look at the important stuff. QUILTS!!!

There are so many to see and so many to think about.  Here are just a few that you may not have seen posted any place else.








What a striking quilt this was. 









And so was this one.





























2 responses on “Quilts from the Houston show

  1. Alice person

    Looks like Laura was really exhausted after all that unpacking and setting up everything. Your booth was the most organized, tidy booth, as well as the most colorful one at the show.
    I just remembered that I forgot to bring the little Baggie of teeny, tiny acorns last Friday.m it will still be on the bulletin board for next year.

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