QuiltCon 2022 – Cherry Basket Quilt

I am very excited to share that I have a new quilt that will premiere at QuiltCon 2022. For all my non quilty friends this is the Modern Quilt Guild show held yearly. Next year it will be held in Phoenix AZ in February.
This is my first time entering this show so it is very thrilling to be accepted!
The quilt is titled Cherry Basket. I will post a full picture once the show has opened, but here are a few detail shots. It is all machine pieced and machine quilted with my hand dyed cotton -the background fabrics; linen, the baskets; and silk fabric, the cherries and green leaves. There are many button accents too. Thanks to everyone who shared red buttons with me, this is the project they went on.
(I also had a QuiltCon rejection.)

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