Tulips pattern and fabric kits

This pattern was inspired by the Tulips that grow in my garden. The finished size is 20″ x 16″, very easy to finish in one day.
I have used two different decorative rotary blades to add a touch of whimsy to this pattern. I used the pinking blade to cut out the green background fabric and I used a wavy blade to cut out the center of the Tulip flower head. Each of these blades is a 45mm rotary blade that will fit in your 45mm rotary handle.
I have also used the pinking blade to cut out the fused binding. You can view a tutorial of the fused bindings under the TUTORIALS section.
Hand dyed fabric kit –
1/2 yard of blue to lime green fabric for the background and border fabric
1/4 two tone green for the foliage
3 different 1/16 pieces for the flowers, pink, purple and orange