Sacred Body Divine Choice


38” x 46” October-December 2022
Ps 82:6, “I said: ‘You are Gods”
We are entitled to reverence and respect to make any choice for our body. We are capable of divine love, love of ourselves and our choices. My body My Choice, is how I feel about myself and everyone else to make the right choice for how they see themselves, their body and how we live our lives. It is no one else’s business or decision to make but YOU.
I wanted this fiber piece to reflect the power divinity and sacredness of the female form. The spiritual representation of red is power, energy, vitality, dominance, action, assertion, creation,
100% cotton, linen and silk fabric hand dyed by Frieda Anderson
Gradated red to magenta background hand dyed cotton fabric, red linen with metallic weave fabric goddess and silk hearts. Paper pieced with freezer paper templates, hand appliqued hearts and machine appliqued words.
Machine quilted with 30 weight rayon and 80 weight silk on my domestic B 770 and Q20 BERNINAs.

This quilt is part of an online gallery – I Choose Therefore I Am, and is now in a private collection.

This quilt won Best Machine Quilting, frameless at QuiltCon 2022.

I Choose Therefore I Am