Potholders – Good Practice for your Free motion Machine quilting

I had fun making a few potholders for my DDIL for her BD which is on Sunday. I have already mailed these out to her and she should have them in hand so I feel it is OK to blog about them. And as I’ve said before my family doesn’t usually read my blog.potholderFAfrontIMG_0634

I made curtains out of this fabric for their family room and kitchen and made a table runner at Christmas time for their kitchen table. All out of this fabric that she choose. Now they have a set of potholders to go with it all. A complete set. It is so easy to machine quilt something like this, and in fact, is a very good way to practice your machine quilting to get better at the process of free motion quilting and make something small and useful all at the same time.

Following the pattern in the printed fabric is one of the first ways I trained myself to be a better free motion machine quilter. You don’t have to think about what pattern you want to make, you just have to follow the line that is already printed on the fabric for you. Easy as can be. It is also very useful because if you veer off of the line, no one will really notice.

megan2I hope she and my son enjoy using these bright and fun potholders as they spend time feeding my darling two grandsons.


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