Petite Sunflowers

I used to grow Sunflowers in my garden. 

Now I grow them in my flower box next to the garage. 

Ya gotta just love Sunflowers, always so bright and pretty and BIG.


40″ x 50″ Sunflowers

I designed this quilt pattern, Petite Sunflowers, after making and selling a much larger version of this design.


I thought you might enjoy seeing one of the tricks I use when I am quilting in some detail.

I love to use the Derwent water color pencils to mark my quilting lines.


16″ x 20″

I can see the line so easily if I use a darker color of pencil and then I can quilt right over the line that I draw. If I want to make this line permanent I can by wetting it and then ironing it. I can also blend it that way too.

And of course I always have to make a tiny version of any quilt that I make.



9″ x 11″



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