Making patterns is a lot of fun.

You can do what ever you want.

I like that. I have never really liked it when people tell me I have to do things a certain way.
I have always liked to experiment and find my own way.

PEACE is that kind of pattern. By experimenting I came up with this design.
Peace is an easy and fun pattern to make.

If you have been following along you know that at the end of the week there will be a drawing for a give away that includes my pattern “Holiday Moments”,( PEACE is one of the patterns in Holiday Moments) the Winter Special fabric kit and a spool of Red Madeira thread.
This is my thank you for being loyal blog followers.

In order to qualify to be in the drawing for the free give away you must –

1) Leave one comment only telling me which New Year’s Resolution you kept this year? If you didn’t keep one, which one do you’d wish you kept?

One of my New Year Resolutions was to change my needle for every new project I started…a very practical resolution and one that was very easy to keep. I did manage to stick to that resolution, mostly…and there were no guilt trips if I didn’t do it straightaway.
I’m looking forward to reading your stories!

2) Join my blog as a follower, by clicking on the link at the top right of this page that says “join this site”
3) That’s it…no more tricks or finagling…

I thought I would share with you a few of the step outs for making the PEACE pattern.

First, of course, it is so easy when you buy my fabric kit – Winter Special – Holiday Bundle 1/2 yard of Winter Red and 1/2 yard of Grass Green fabrics for $20

I have used the Winter Red fabric for the background to PEACE.

The first thing you want to do is cut the 1/2 yard of red fabric into an 18” square.

Then fold the square into quarters and using the pattern piece, mark out a circle in the middle of the folded square.

This will be your guild for laying out your design.

  • Use the 1/2 yard of grass green fabric to make the trees. 
  • Fuse a 10” strip of GG for the trees. I only use WonderUnder #805 to fuse all my projects.
  • Once the fabric is fused remove the release paper. Release paper is the paper that comes on the fusible web.
  • Cut out three strips that are 3” wide by 18”
  • Mark on one side of the fabric every 1 1/2” with an extra fine sharpie marker.
  • On the other side of the strip, starting 3/4 of an inch in from the edge mark every 1 1/2”.
  • Using a pinking bade in your 45m rotary cutter cut across the lines from one side to the other.
  • Trim across the bottom of each triangle that you have just created using the pinking blade.
  • You will need your 16 triangle trees for the wreath.

This should get you excited. Watch for more in my next post.

Happy Quilting today!

16 responses on “PEACE – Man

  1. Mommarock

    I gave up soda completely and I kept the resolution! Wow it was hard because I was a hard core soda drinker. It was like my water and I thought I hated water. Now I drink water exclusively, and it is delicious!! I add flavor to water often, and most times now I drink just regular water which would have been foreign to me before. But, I did it!!

  2. Cornwoman

    My resolution was to do the monthly assignments in the month that they were assigned, for the 2012 FMQ Challenge that I joined in December. We recently got our assignment for December, which I will do later this week, but I have completed every single one of the others and now can FMQ! This is the first New Year’s Resolutions that I have ever kept the entire year! lol

  3. Ms. Hennes

    My resolution was to eat more healthier – which I kept – to exercise more – which I didn’t – going to have to stop even thinking about that one – this next year I want to make more time for my quilting!

  4. KAM

    Frieda, My personal commitment for 2012 was that I would write every day; write letters, write in one of my topical journals, write free write pages of prose ideas, write poetry and write morning pages first thing each day. Making a focused commitment to do this was an important intention for me. Was this a resolution? perhaps, but intention fits better to what I chose to do in the year 2012. I was successful and continue to enjoy the commitment to writing every day. This year I will expand to doing one page in the sketchbook every day.
    Kristin F

  5. Celeste

    One resolution that is almost complete was to turn my rec room that’s never used into my sewing/craft/fusible room. Just finish putting up a design wall. Still mulling giving away some furniture in there to make more room for fabric storage/supplies.

  6. Candy

    Frieda I don’t make resolutions. I never remember them after a few days so just try to keep up with new ideas or goals as I go. I did get a daily calendar for 2013 that I am going to write just brief thoughts of the day, what I did, what I want to do as a record of the year. candy

  7. Connie

    I almost missed that you were showing all the different steps for your wall hanging. Hopefully I will keep some of my resolutions….another one is to “play” with some of your techniques…I bought the different rotary blades!

  8. thepiececorps

    I decided to give up games on FB (ie Farmville) and finish at least one UFO a month. I did really well with the giving up the games, however pneumonia got in the way of my UFO progress for awhile…I did however finish 7 this year, a little over half of what I had hoped, still progress, right?!? Along with several new projects including a Hoffman Challenge that is out on tour and the first dresses I have made for my 5 granddaughters (for xmas)! Thanks for all your inspiration this year Frieda!

  9. JaneB

    I am ( have been for awhile) following your terrific blog! My resolution last year was to send birthday greetings to everyone in the family, but I missed quite a few so it’s going to be my resolution again this year. I’ve got a better plan all in place and a once a month to do list of all the dates to get it done.

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