Paper Keeper Project

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Machine quilting the paper keeper cover

I hope you enjoyed the video. Please pass it on to your quilting buddies.
After I finished the machine quilting, I squared up the top to the exact size by placing the plastic template back on the front and trimming it to size.
I found it helpful to put a piece of doubled scotch tape in the corners and then place my ruler over the template and use my rotary cutter to trim up the sides.
Next I needed to add the snaps and create the tab. I had never used these magnetic snaps. I found them very easy to put in.friedafabric8

You mark where you want the snap to go and then cut two slits and fit it through. I added an extra piece of very stiff peltex to the underside to give it more strength.
Pay attention to what you are doing, because I cut on the wrong side of the tab the first time and had to add in another design element on the front over my mistake!! The second side of the snap goes on the inside of the tab.
Once you sew on the side tab and add in the inner fabrics with pocket you run a stay stitch around the whole outside to hold it all together so you can add your binding. This project called for a traditional binding but I made my a fused binding.

You can see a tutorial by pressing the tab that says FUSED BINDING at the top of my blog.

Once all the bindings are added you slip the plastic precut shapers inside this makes it a very sturdy tablet or paper keeper.

A pretty quick and fun project. I hope you all make yourselves one.
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Happy Sewing

5 responses on “Paper Keeper Project

  1. Cornwoman

    Thanks for posting the video of you quilting the paper keeper. I’m not really good at FMQ and the video really helped. I got to hear about the tools that you use and to actually watch you outline, stitch in the details and do the filler quilting. Describing it is one thing, but seeing it demonstrated is the best!

  2. Rhonda G

    I never posted a comment to your paper keeper, but I want to say that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this design and your work is soooo awesome. I’d love to learn to work with fabric like you do. Your my inspiration to someday learn how to do some of the things you do with fabric. Thank you so much for sharing all you do. I’m a big fan!

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