Paducah 2013

We have had an interesting week here in Paducah KY in the year of 2013.

It is usually so warm and sunny while the quilt show is going on, but this year it has been cool and rainy. I guess the whole mid-west needs rain, but I didn’t pack the right clothes for this weather.

I have been forced to wear my grey WOOL vest all week over my pretty new spring clothes.

The first day of the show we had a bit of a disaster. The rack that I put all of my patterns on BROKE. This happened within the first hour of the first day. I had to go out to my van and bring in the backup racks. Thankfully I had packed them just in case. So while the booth is packed with people, I am taking all 16 of my patterns off of the broken rack and putting them up on the old new racks.

Poor Laura was swamped with customers, and while I am trying to work around all of the people, people are reaching into my baskets and taking patterns, I’m glad they wanted them, but really couldn’t they have waited just a minute. I couldn’t stop moving the patterns because we had tried to move the rack and it was right smack dab in the middle of the booth resting against the table where all the fabric was displayed.

Really the disaster started the day before when while raising the height of one of our display tables, the flesh was ripped off of one  thumb pad and bruised the other thumb pad. I am wearing a cone of shame on my left thumb where all the flesh was removed in the accident and the other thumb is black and blue.

We decided at that point to go to dinner. I ate dinner with my thumb held above my heart, swaddled in a wade of napkins.

After dinner we went to Walmart where at least I was able to buy pretty polka dot band aides to cover the injuries and alcohol to dull the pain.

Just so she won’t feel left out Laura ripped the nail on one of her thumbs just below the cuticle.

One good thumb

Now we are both wearing cones of shame (like animals around their necks so they don’t lick their wounds)on our thumbs. Between the two of us we have one working thumb.

And so it goes in the glamorous world of quilting.


On the way home -farmfield

And if there are downs there must be ups — I have sold four small quilts to wonderful art collectors.

Here is MaryLou holding her newly acquired “On the way home, farmfields”

Happy Quilters all.




5 responses on “Paducah 2013

  1. Diane Fulton

    Sorry to hear of all your disasters. You look pretty happy in the pictures. Maybe the wine helped! Have a safe drive home, then rest up!

  2. Patricia L Walters

    What are the cones of shame? You all are on your way home now? Hope it was a great few days! Prayers for your thumbs.

  3. Bonnie Miller

    Ooh! Are you going to be in Paducah next year? We are planning and saving hard for a holiday in America based around the quilt show there…and I want to hang out with you and Laura!! Only joking…but for a small time kiwi meeting big time quilters like you guys would be amazing. Please say yes! But I hope I haven’t scared you off…

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