Opening Day

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at the opening of my nature exhibit at the Lost Valley visitors center in Ringwood, IL. Many people showed up, and lots of quilters I had never met before. I however forgot to take pictures as I was too busy talking with everyone. This is a truly beautiful facility and well worth a drive to go and walk the 3000+ acre property and of course see my exhibit – Walks in the Woods. We saw so much wildlife out the windows yesterday.

My friends Betty and Deb however show up and Betty took a few photos. Here is one of my quilt Unfurling hanging in the library section of the center. 

I have no idea what this bird is and why it is in this library. But I think this picture looks cool.

I hope everyone has a very productive and happy week. I am finally feeling better after a week long of sniffles and stuffed up head and hope to get a few things accomplished, as I mostly laid around last week.



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