One last Rainbow Stripe inspiration

I can’t help myself I want to share one more Rainbow Stripe inspiration story. This one is probably my favorite, because I love this way of working.

Laughing Leaves collage quilt is a fun way to work with lots of color to achieve great movement and depth in your fused compositions. I have made several patterns and DVD’s utilizing this technique. You can get the DVD from Interweave – Improvisational Fused Quilt Art: Create Beautiful Art Quilts the Easy way.ArtcollageDVD

My pattern Laughing Leaves gives you two different versions of this design and I have to say every time I work this way I achieve different results, and isn’t that what creativity is all about moving on and gaining experience and becoming more creative along the way.

Using just 1/2 yard of Rainbow Stripe fabric I am able to create the composition you see below. I have also used a fat quarter of my Green Grass fabric for some of  the accents in these compositions, but I can create it with only the 1/2 yard of Rainbow Stripe. How versatile is that!


laughingleaves2 Laugingleaves1



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