On the road again…

Heading out the door to teach today!!

Am I visiting you soon? if not.. why not? Get the details here on inviting me to your group……http://www.friestyle.com/workshops/


This little quilt is the fall version of my pattern Sister Trees. It is mounted on Timtex like in my class Working with Timtex. And it is made from my hand dyed fabric from my Flooded with Color class.

All of these classes are fun, informative and geared towards any skill level.

You or your guild can have me teach any and or all of these classes right in your backyard, that way you don’t have to travel to a far off quilt show to have fun and learn something new.

Recommend to your program chairperson or local quilt show that they contact me today to get me on their calendar.

See you soon.

Happy Quilting!

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