Old friend refound

While I was cleaning this week I ran across these post cards languishing in a drawer.

They are made by a woman I meet years ago through my quilt group PAQA.

Her name is Nina Kipshidze. She was from the Tbilisi, Georgia.

At the time I was still doing work for several fabric reps. I was their local Chicago land sub-rep. I would visit the quilt shops and independent fabric stores for them. Almost all the stores I visited are gone now. Such a shame.

I would get lots of fabric samples from both of them and I just could not use it all. One of the companies that one of the reps worked for sold silks and wools and all kinds of gorgeous stuff. 

Nina and I became friends and over the course of a year I gave to her many of these samples.

She collaged them into these beautiful cards.

She moved back to Georgia and we lost touch.

It was so pleasant to rediscover the cards. 

I now have them mounted on my art wall beside my sewing machine. A wonderful reminder of a wonderful artist.

ninaK97 ninak97a ninak97b ninak97c ninak97d ninak97e















































































She even made the paper they were collaged to. A very inventive woman. I hope she is doing well and still creating art.


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