Nottingham QGBI conference

Laura and I had so much fun at the QGBI conference in Nottingham UK.

Statue of Robin Hood

Statue of Robin Hood










carriage house

courtyard fountain house



















I visited Chatsworth House on my day off.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and not too cold. I enjoyed the drive through the country to get there. It is always great to travel on the upper deck and have huge windows to see all around you.










I loved this modern bronze horse on the patio/cafe area.

The current Duke andĀ DuchessĀ of Devonshire collect contemporary art. It is a lovely addition to all the old art.

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  1. Hettie

    Wasn’t it such a glorious day there! Loved it and your talk (and singing) was wonderful! Next time you are over the water I will endeavour to join in one of your classes.

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