Noriko Endo

Noriko’s work is like taking a walk through these wonderful landscapes.

I love her use of color and perspective.
Let me know what you think.

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9 responses on “Noriko Endo

  1. Vicki

    Noriko’s work really is art. She uses scraps like a paintbrush and her understanding of value is so great. It gives her work such depth. I love the autumn colours here

  2. Quiltbug

    I am an autumn person. Radiant Reflections calls me. Noriko’s work is absolutely amazing.

    Still working on my blue trees from Houston. I am way too slow finishing things.

  3. free indeed

    I’ve seen her work too, only in pictures though and am just so amazed and inspired by her work. I’d love to be able to create the scapes she does…I certainly have enough bits to get started!

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