New Year New Goals

I read an article this morning about making goals. So this year I will try to follow along and see if these goals help me in my process of being a good human and in making my art.

  1. Read at least one book per month.
  2. Write down your goals at the start of each week and each month.
  3. Measure and track those goals throughout the year.
  4. Dedicate just one day a week to eating no meat.
  5. Turn your phone on silent before you share a meal.
  6. Talk to someone you trust when you’re in pain.
  7. Walk whenever you can and wherever you can.
  8. Do everything in your power to be considerate of and aware of other people.
  9. Say “yes” to something that scares you.
  10. Write every day in a notebook.
  11. Listen more than you talk.
  12. Look at ANYTHING other than a screen before you go to sleep each night.
  13. Pay attention to factors that you need in order to do good work.
  14. Talk to strangers sometimes.
  15. Open your mail right away, sort it and throw out what you don’t need.
  16. Tell people you are proud of them.
  17. Make every decision, every little choice, based on your desire to be a person of integrity.
  18. Wake up everyday grateful for your gifts.

Here’s to a great New Year.

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