New pattern – Cardinal

I just finished these two new quilts that I am now making into my newest pattern.

Tentatively I am calling it Cardinal. How boring.

Do any of you have a suggestion for a name for this pattern. It will include both the Spring Cardinal and the Winter Cardinal in one pattern. I’ll send a quarter yard of hand dyed fabric to who¬†ever sends a name that I like.


8 responses on “New pattern – Cardinal

  1. Alice person

    Frieda, Please note new email address.
    I might just have to put this pattern on my Houston Quilt Festival shopping list. Really love this pretty bird.and its settings.

  2. KarenH

    Freida – Have you thought about doing a female cardinal also? I always so them near each other. so cute. I call them Mr and Mrs Cardinal.

    Naming the pattern? Something like “mr. Cheerful”?

  3. Barbara

    I love the cardinal because it is the one splash of color in a monochromatic winter. How about for the first one: Redbird Spring and the second: Winterberry Redbird

  4. Susan Hoehnle

    I think you should call the pattern “Pretty in Pink”. It will be the dominant color and the bird doesn’t care what color he is! He is a male bird and they can hardly dress themselves, especially if they have a wife!

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