New Grammy again

I am a new Grammy again. AND what a cutie pie he is. I finally got to go see the grandson’s over the fourth of July. 

I love spending time with the kids and the grandkids and I just don’t get to do it very often because they live so far away.

Here are a few precious photos.










Henry in his first 4th of July outfit. The center of the celebration.







Four generations, me, my son Lars, my mom June  and little Henry Raymond. 









Big Brother Micah, ready for a fun day of swimming in the pool. “It’s nice Grammy” as he says through blue chattering teach. It is so refreshing!!














3 responses on “New Grammy again

  1. Dolores

    Time with grandchildren is always precious. Mine live across the country but they just spent almost three weeks with us. It was a wonderful time filled with the whole family. Lots of photos were taken and there were lots of new experiences for all.

  2. Bonnie

    What wonderful photos…you look far too young to be a Grammy! We have four grandies but our son , his wife and our only grand daughter, 14 year old Marley, live half a world away in Scotland. To balance that our three grandsons live on the same property as us so we see Finn, Jake and Max on a daily basis…mostly at the door of our fridge! Finn and Jake are 14 and Max is 12, and they sure help to keep us feeling young. Enjoy the new wee one.

  3. Ms Lottie

    My kids call their grandmother Grammy too. I love it! She deserves a Grammy Award for all the hard work she put into raising my lovely husband, and then helping out with her grandkids.

    Isn’t he precious in his stripey suit?

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