Nancy Zieman blog tour

Yesterday started a blog tour for Nancy Zieman’s new biography. I will be posting a book review on Sunday February 16th. BUT if you want to see and learn more about this go to Nancy’s blog to read all about it.

I have been fascinated reading the book and I think you will be also. For a chance to win a copy of the book on my day of the tour be sure to stop by on Sunday February 16th.

Until then…..

Check it out now.


February 4          Nancy Zieman 

February 5          Eileen Roche

February 5          Pat Sloan

February 6          Melissa Stramel

February 6          The Long Ladies

February 6          Tori Thompson

February 7          Amy Barickman

February 7          Melissa Mora

February 8          Shari Butler

February 8          Vicki Christensen

February 9          Carolina Moore

February 9          Kate Mclvor

February 10          Amy Ellis

February 10          Melissa Mortenson

February 11          Ilene Miller

February 11          Liz Hicks

February 11          Rachael Pannepacker

February 12          Bill Gardner

February 12          Elizabeth Evans

February 13          Amy Webb 

February 13          Lindsay Wilkes

February 14          Gertie Hirsch

February 14          Veronica Philips

February 15          Jenny Gabriel

February 15          Laura Wasilowski

February 16          Frieda Anderson

February 16          Rita Farro

February 17          Cindy Cloward

February 17          Joan Hawley

February 17          Patty Young

February 18          Nancy Zieman

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