My favorite way to work with color

Wild Blue Jack

I enjoy all color. And I love working with color. One of my favorite ways to work with color is in an analogous076 color combination; the colors next to each other on the color wheel.

If you don’t own a color wheel I highly recommend you get yourself one. I have a great sense of color and yet I refer to mine often. It helps me remember and work out color combinations that I like as well as remind me of what works well together when I am stuck. I also have a board on my Pintrest page just for color combinations. Color is what drives me.

One of my favorite combinations is the yellow/green to blue combination. I have always liked green and blue together, I think because they are the colors of grass and sky, a combination we see from an early age and we see it all the time. Rich green and rich blue. I was noticing yesterday how BLUE the sky was driving home from physical therapy. The clouds were those big white puffy ones. The sky looked like the Georgia O’Keefe painting in the Art Institute of Chicago – Sky above Clouds IV, 1965. Well really not just like it, but it made me think of it.

That lime/green blue combination is the basis for my pattern Wild Blue Jacks, three Jack in the Pulpit quilts.

My fabric gradation Forest Leaves is the base color in my pattern Wild Blue Jacks. It grades from blue/green to light green and I used it for the background and the border of this piece.  I used Grass Green to make the Jack in the Pulpits. Grass green has light green and dark green in one fabric piece. It’s easy to work when you have the right palette, and you know what works well together.

Frieda Anderson

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  1. Debbie H

    Just found you on an old YouTube video and so glad I did. I am just now getting into art quilts and fiber art and have found your videos to be very helpful. I still have several to watch and now your blog to explore. So I will spend my Sunday getting to know you. I also quilt and do not like sticking to patterns. My motto, Let it Flow”

    I do not see a way to follow this blog unless I am missing it. Is there a way to know when new content is posted?

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