Mounting a small quilt on Plexiglass

I participated in a SAQA webinar yesterday. 

Three art quilters talked about selling their art quilts from three different prospective’s.

If you are a SAQA member you can go on line a view the recorded webinar.

One of things that I spoke about was mounting small quilts on to Plexiglas frames.

I wanted to show you that process. Unfortunately I only have one piece that I own anymore done like this. But you can see a bit of the process.

I did not invent this process but I did tweak it for my own purposes.

First you need to find a source for the Plexiglas. Usually a framing shop will cut this for you. I have a local Plexiglas place close to me who cuts it to the sizes I request and I also request that he flames the edges so they are smooth and clean.

I have the frames cut 4-6″ larger than the finished small quilts. That leaves at least a 2″ border of clear frame all the way around the piece of art. I have never framed anything larger than 24″.

Once I have the size I want I am going to drill a few wholes in the Plexiglas to attach wire and perhaps the quilt.

I leave the paper that comes on the Plexiglas on it during this process. I have found that Plexiglas is rather “soft” and will scratch easily, so if I leave the paper on it it helps keep the Plexiglas unblemished.

I find the center of the frame on the top side and I mark about three inches down from the top in the center with a black sharpie marker. 

I need to drill two holes to attach the hanging wire through.  So I measure over two inches from each side of the center mark and mark dots on each side. These will be my guides for drilling.

I use a regular drill with a small drill bit and placing the Plexiglas on a piece of wood.

I drill into the frame on the marks I have made. The drill bit goes through the Plexiglas easily and right into the piece of wood so I don’t damage a table or floor that I am working on.

Now I can wrap picture hanging wire around thesetwo wholes and twist it off on the back side of the frame.


I used to drill more holes into the frame and “sew” the small quilts on through these holes, now I use small non porous sticky Velcro dots to adhere the quilts to the frame but unfortunately I only have pictures of the holes not the velcro, but I think you can follow this thread.


First I sew a small patch of fabric on to the back at the four corners of the quilt. Then I glue the soft side of the Velcro dot to the fabric square. Even though the Velcro has adhesive on them, the glue just makes the dots stick better. I also don’t want to glue anything to my quilts. I let this dry. 

I place the hard side of the Velcro dot onto the soft dot right sides together and peel off the protective cover on the back side of the Velcro dot. Now I can center the quilt on the front side of the Plexiglas using rulers to get it just right and push down HARD on each dot from the front.

This makes the dot stick to the frame.

I am now ready to hang up my little quilt.





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