More fun in my dye class

I love how excited students get taking my dyeing class – Flooded with Color.

Here are a few more examples from students who were in my class at PIQF a few weeks ago.

Dear Frieda,

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever dyeing class – thank you. 
I had double the fun – dyeing in class and then ironing + petting the fabric after it had all been washed!
Here are my fabrics, Group 1 and 2 in the first row. Group 3 and 4 in the second
row and “playing with extra dye” fabric in the third row. Instead of pouring out the extra 
dye each time, Galt and I poured it into bags with prepared pieces of fabric.
Some regular (unwashed!!) Kona fabric got mixed up in my PFD and that is what I
ended up using for Group 3 – that is why the colors are not as vibrant as we expected.
But I am still very happy with all the fabric.
I can’t wait to use these in projects soon.
Thank you once again!

Dear Frieda,
I really enjoyed your class at PIQF 2017.

I am the one who came in late, had a tiny bucket, had too few plastic bags and who initially measured the dye wrong.  And yet, I came home with some great fabric!

My thought that quilters are wonderful people was proven by the generosity and helpfulness of my fellow students, as well as your amazing patience. Several of us were short plastic bags and others came through with full boxes to share.

One concern I had was getting the rinsing done, since I live in a condo and can’t rinse dye in our laundry room. I solved the problem by rinsing the pieces one at a time under running water before soaking in the sink. I did this twice for each piece.  It used a lot of water, but I am generally conservative with water use so I allowed myself to indulge for this. I have stainless steel double sinks so I did not have to worry about staining.

When the water ran clear I took the pieces to the laundry room and followed your washing procedure.  (By the way, when I walked in from my drive home there was a notice that the washers would be replaced November 1. That gave me a bit of ease re the washers.)

When I finished I filled the three washers with old white sheets, flannel sheets and some towels. There was not a spot on any of them after washing.

Success!  Here are my fabrics.

What fun!

Thanks,  Mary

A little color goes a long way. I hope you all have color in your lives.

Happy quilting.


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