More framing

Years ago I discovered a nice and inexpensive technique to create a frame for my smaller fiber art pieces that I still use to display my art. I use ¼” clear Plexiglas cut at least 2 inches larger all around than the art work. Any framer will be able to sell you ¼” clear Plexiglas. I attach a piece of framing wire to the back side of the Plexiglas. To attach the wire, I use a new sharp drill bit in a power drill to drill 4 holes in the center back of the Plexiglas and run a piece of picture framing wire through the four holes. The four holes are determined by measuring down from the top of the frame three inches, finding the center of the frame, and drilling the 4 holes parallel and equally distant from the middle. I place sticky Velcro on the Plexiglas and sew pieces of non-sticky Velcro to the back of the fiber art piece. Then I attach the fiber art piece to the Plexiglas. By framing your work in this way, the fiber art is still accessible.

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