More Family Quilts

It was fun documenting my family quilts for  Cheryl Sleboda‘s Family Blog Hop last week.

While I was photographing my antique quilts I also took pictures of my “sofa/car” quilts.

I have a PILE of quilts in my family room that are there just for snuggling up with on cold winter days.

We bought this house 28 years ago. It is a 40 year old “subdivision” home. The first owners put in a fire place because they thought that was a nice touch. But the darn thing has always been a little leaky. We have had it converted to gas and worked on several times over the years, but we still can’t get it just right. So I keep quilts to cuddle with in that room.

These quilts are what I call “user” quilts. Use them up, enjoy them. So often we think we can’t “use” these precious creations that we make – WRONG! Why are we making them if not to use them.

I do have quilts that I make just for “show”, but I don’t put those out to be cuddled up in.

This pile of quilts in the family room is always changing and each of the kids has tried to “claim” one or two when they left home. (They have their own quilts).

I do need to make the baby boy a new bed quilt, he told me his was wearing out. I WILL get to it this winter, promise.

This was is first bed quilt. It was made for a twin bed out of manufacture samples and left over dress making fabric. All the trunks in those trees are made from a printed corduroy fabric left over from making my sister a maternity jumper.

Tree quilt

































This little lap quilt is made from a pattern called MorMor. I took a class in this. You use two different templates to create kaleidoscope effects from the print in the fabric. It is fun to make and pretty fast and easy to work up. I made this one to go with the decor in the family room years ago. I noticed when taking the pics that the binding is starting to wear out. All of these quilts got laundered after the picture taking.

This is one of my very first quilts made with my own hand dyed fabrics. It often goes in the car on long trips.

FreidaA_Crazy2_b FreidaA_Crazy2








FreidaA_Crazy FreidaA_Crazy_b











I didn’t quilt either of these two big quilts, I used to be in charge of our church raffle quilt. I would send the raffle quilt out to be quilted by a long armer, and I had her quilt these two quilts as well. I told her to do what ever she wanted on them and she really just had fun with them. I remember at the time her kids really liked these quilts, so do mine as these are the ones that they try to “co-op” as their own. Too bad when I die they can fight over them if they are still around.




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  1. Bonnie

    I’m not surprised that those quilts are fought over. Add me to the mix as well…aging and overweight but plenty of fight left!

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