While on my trip through the Panama Canal I off course was looking for fiber art of the region.

I am very attracted to the hummingbird image and these two lovely Mola’s caught my eye.

I added the 2″ border from my hand dyed fabric to each of them. I think I will buy some picture canvases and mount them that way.

What do you think?hummingbird Mola1

hummingbird mola2


This is me on the cruise when we visited a hummingbird sanctuary!!


 By the way my hummingbirds are back and active at the feeder. I love those little sugar hungry birds..


3 responses on “Mola’s

  1. Alice person

    Go for it Frieda. Both Molas are amazing pieces of applique art and deserve to be displayed.
    So glad that you had such a wonderful trip. Hope to see more of your treasures and photos.

  2. Carolyn Moore

    I have seen Molas before, and greatly admired them…your pieces sparked my curiosity and so I began an online search where I found some video clips and a few books on Mola construction. I haven’t done reverse appliqué before so I will try my hand at a new technique and learn a new skill. Thanks for the inspiration.

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