Managing Delay

There is a very interesting entry by Robert Genn on his blog.
Here is the opening paragraph. I enjoyed reading the rest, I hope you do too.
Dear Artist,

Frank Partnoy in his book,
Wait: The Art and Science of Delay , tells us that procrastination is a winning formula. The idea that procrastination is evil came along with the Protestant work ethic and the Puritanical era, he claims, while most of the greats in ancient times sat around delaying decisions until they became obvious. Wise folks throughout history have waited until the last second, he says. As artists, perhaps we can take some wisdom from this.

I find that I often work this way, letting the piece “rest” while it speaks to me. Then all of a sudden I finish it and move on. Haste is waste in many ways.
Happy Quilting Today and Happy Birthday to my OLDER Sister xxoo

Prairie Grass

5 responses on “Managing Delay

  1. Cornwoman

    So THAT’s why I procrastinate when it comes to my art quilting! It’s true that it’s usually the period when I am working out what I want and should do. Then, when it’s come to me, I can’t be dragged away from working on it.

  2. Gene Black

    Interesting. I have paintings that have sat for years until they “told me what they wanted”

    I used to read Mr Genn’s blog regularly. I have been told that some of my quotes are in his database.

  3. Lisa Kerpoe

    Oh good – now I don’t have to feel guilty about all my procrastination!

    I have found that if I rush into the next step on a work in progress, just to get something done, I often regret it.

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