Little Landscapes

I am getting ready to teach at Road to California at the end of this month.

One of my classes is Little Landscapes.

I am always “tweaking” my classes and I decided to change the fabric supply list for the class so……….. I must make a new sample to show the class the possibilities of what it could look like.

Here are a few pictures of the new Little Landscape.

FALittlelandscape FALittlelandscape2 FALittlelandscape3 FALittlelandscape4 FALittlelandscape5























































The paper behind the trees is to allow me to put the trunks under the hills and fuse them in place and then the paper allows me to lift the trees away from the sky and quilt behind the trees.

Once I have finished quilting behind the trees I will remove the paper and fuse the trees in place. I will quilt around and on top of them.

THEN I will add in little leaves and fuse them in place and maybe quilt in the center of them.
I’ll show you when I finish it.



One response on “Little Landscapes

  1. Ann Leibovitz

    My friend, Ricky Bragg, and I are taking your Little Landscapes class on Saturday (at Road). Your Supple list on their website does not list WonderUnder805, but it is listed for your classes on your website. Do we need it??

    I like the new pink sky!

    See you in a couple weeks,

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