Limey Avocado Dippity Do Da

Yesterdays winner of Yummy Yellow is pick #22 –

Linda said… yes yes yes to yellow………..i love your fabric, quilts and you!! – send me your address so I can send these on their way.

This is the fourth day in the Blog Hop Give Away. Limey Avocado Dippity Do Da is the pick today.
At the end of today this six fat quarter fabric packet that grades from lime to purple will be given away to one commenter picked by random All commenters will be added to the grand prize pick that will happen on Saturday. I still haven’t decide what to give as the grand price. Please  help me decide.

  • I love to use green and purple in my work but tell us what you love about.
  • Tell me what I should be giving away as a grand prize.
  • Remember to pass this on to your quilty friends.


My quilt Beyond the Hill

38 responses on “Limey Avocado Dippity Do Da

  1. gill

    Congratulations Linda!
    I love your quilt ‘Beyond the Hill’
    Green is my favourite colour and consequently I have quite a lot of green fabrics but you can never have too many can you??? It’s such a versatile colour!

  2. Mary

    As it so happens, purple and green are two of my favorite colors, especially when used in combination. One of my goals for 2012 is to develop my applique skills.

  3. connie

    MMMMM… Lime and purple, does not get much better than that!!! I just love “Beyond the Hill” The colors make it glow! Have a wonderful day!

    I am wearing a scarf with green and purple to work today… 🙂

  4. Thearica

    YABBA DABBA DO! to Limey Avocado Dippity Do Da!!

    I am going to create a crazy quilt in honor of my grandmother and her favorite colors were green and purple. I have showcased some of her crocheting on my blog in those colors!

    These fabrics would look fabulous in the piece!

    We are supposed to email one friend for each giveaway right — I will do you one better than that…I will be posting about your giveaways on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum..I think I have close to 200 friends over there! 🙂

  5. Thearica

    Forgot to say what was one of the best gifts I have ever given… I choose someone new each Christmas to give a surprise gift to. It is someone that I normally do not buy for..

    One year that person was a lady named Kay. When I walked up to her and reached out the box, she had a puzzled look on her face. I told her Merry Christmas and she did not know what to say. She finally opened the box and immediately started to cry. She said if I had known you were bringing me something, I would have had you something.

    I told her that was why I didn’t tell her. 🙂

  6. susan

    I love this pattern! And I love the colors you used! I would love to win these fabrics and green is my favorite color! I am emailing your blog to my friend Andrea. She’ll love this!

  7. Colleen Kole

    Deep purple irises, columbine, pansies and all the little wild flowers that are purple-those are the purple things I adore. Add a little lime green and everything just pops!

    Grand prize- Your fabric seems to be my favorite .

    Passed on to some friends!

    Thanks again.

  8. Kim

    Purple and Green were my color choices for my bathroom..and it turned out lovely!
    thanks for having this give away! What a wonderful way to celebrate the

  9. SewLindaAnn

    Beyond the hill is gorgeous. Green is my fave color, I’m just really into nature and natural elements. Leading into purple is nice, sort of reminds me of a river and also eggplant since I’m kind of hungry:) I would love this pack to do lots of leaves.

  10. Lisa

    Thanks for the clarification! I love green’s and purples. My daughter tells me that I keep making the same quilts over and over because I keep using purples, greens and yellows! But they are all different patterns so I say they aren’t all the same!

  11. annmarie

    You have the best names for things. I love your purple & greens! It is an unlikely combo but it works for me! I think your grand prize should be more of the same – who wouldn’t love to win some of your gorgeous fabrics!!!

  12. Connie

    I have been doing more and more raw edge applique and the greens and purples are beautiful! I agree with someone else’s comment – a piece of your work for a giveaway would be awesome!

  13. City/Sandie

    I guess m y post got lost in the mail! Darn Pony Express! Dont know when you posted that HILL art, but it is eye candy … I don’t run anymore but my feet were ready to go just looking at it.

  14. Sue

    I am a tie-dyer myself–this is the first year since ’88 that I have not dyed a single thing–life ran me over, big time! I would love to have my name thrown into the hat to win a freebie from you. merry Christmas.

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