Lent oh I mean Lint

We are in the middle of the Lent season. And what a perfect time to do some linty cleaning.

I recently had to have my dryer serviced. I am so proud of myself for actually thinking ahead and buying extended warranty service for my Kenmore dryer. Lucky for me the warranty runs out in September BUT the heating element on my dryer stop working this week.

Even luckier I had the paperwork right by my machine. So I called up Sears and scheduled an appointment and out they came and repaired the dryer for FREE. Well it really wasn’t free if I had to pay for the extended warranty.

Not only did I have the dryer cleaned out but I replaced the tubing that vents to the outside. OM Golly gosh was there a lot of lint in that aluminum tubing, I was shocked. I will be replacing this tube from now on every year. IT WAS gross.

So here is my tip for the day, go out right now, do not delay and buy yourself a few brushes to clean out that dryer. I bought one that will clean the aluminum tubing as well as one to go inside the dryer where the lint trap is.

A little prevention goes a long way.

Dryer Lint brushDryer lint tray brush.

Lint from my dryerThe lint behind the lint trap in my dryer that the technician removed. YUCH notice the straight pin on the bottom right.


Lint from the lint trayA months worth of pretty colored lint from dyeing fabric.


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