Lavender LOVE me now

I love the smell of lavender in my garden, bath and drawers.

It is so French.

Can’t you just see yourself in the south of France, eating cheese and drinking wine.

I know I can. I’m ready to go who’s with me, raise your hand?
This four step fat quarter gradation packet – Lavender LOVE- is your ticket to paradise. I’ll even tuck in a little lavender sprig from the garden to make you feel ready for the trip. .

  • Tell me what you think of when you smell lavender

My quilt Iris in my my book Fabric To Dye For. Such a wonderful use of the color Lavender LOVE.

Yesterday’s winner of  In search of Brown– is Cedar Ridge Studios. Woo Woo, send me your snail mail address so you can start using those fabrics in a fabulous design.

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49 responses on “Lavender LOVE me now

  1. Debbie

    To tell you the truth, Frieda, I don’t tolerate scents well. So, I don’t have any opinion on lavender. But, those purples are gorgeous and I don’t even like purple, LOL!

  2. gill

    I would love to be in the south of France at the moment! especially eating cheese and drinking wine! Instead I’m in the UK, it’s cold and raining and I’m wondering what on earth I can rustle up for lunch!
    I love the lavender fabrics by the way! I think they’re my favourites so far!

  3. Colleen Kole

    I always think of my dad, the gardener. I have always taken a little patch of his lavender plant with me wherever I move. So sentimental thoughts when I think of lavender and purple.

    As always-beautiful irises and beautiful purple fabrics.

  4. Anita in Florida

    Wow…A trip to France!!!!
    Great giveaway…o the giveaway is for the fabric…well that’s sweet too!! Thanks for all the chances this week.
    BTW…I became a follower…but I have you on my blog list for forever…and that’s more important for me.

  5. sosarahsew

    I tried a lavender plant by the back door, but after a couple years my brown thumb did it in. Lavender in quilts last longer! I had thought I was a follower, but when I checked… anyway, now I really am. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Laura

    Lavender reminds me of sachets we made out of handkerchiefs when we were little girls. We would tuck them in our sock and underwear drawers. I think we had some that grew in our back yard.

  7. annmarie

    Lavender is my favorite scent. It’s smell is clean & dreamy! I have 3 lavender plants in my flower beds & can’t resist plucking a piece every time I walk by just to smell it for a little while. Most of my lotions, etc are lavender too. So some lavender graded fabric would be a welcome addition! Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win.

  8. colorquilter

    Well I have the same problem as Debbie, blogger #1, the Scent of lavender makes me sneeze and cough, but I do love the color, esp. lavender blue..remember the song, “Lavender blue, dilly dilly, lavender blue…”ok. i date myself. Hope i win.

  9. Teresa in Music City

    Lavender has been my favorite scent since I discovered it as a teenager! I used to buy these English Lavender soaps that I found in a local shop and can’t find anymore. They were an extravagance out of my little pittance I earned as a part-time sales girl at the local fabric shop, but well worth it. Now, whenever I smell lavender, I go all the way back to sixteen – heaven!!!!

  10. Jodi

    Oh, wow! Lavender makes me THINK of my mom – her favorite color! Love the name of your blog – didn’t know that was a favorite thing of mine to do till I was an adult and didn’t have woods around anymore to walk in! 🙁

  11. Cornwoman

    I would love to go to France and eat cheese and drink wine! Lavender has such a beautiful aroma, it reminds me of gardens and sachets and just softly screams femininity to me. The fabrics are gorgeous, as is the quilt. Please count me in!

  12. Norma Riehm

    I love the smell of lavender so I planted 4 varieties in my flower gardens this year. At the end of the season I took cuttings and put them in a Christmas tin as a table decoration. Lavender is also a flattering color for blondes, and a blonde I am.

  13. Terri

    Lovely lavenders! I signed up, but I’m not here for a trip. I was reading Wanda’s blog and saw the loveliness she got. I recognized you right away as someone I followed a while ago. I’m baaaack.

  14. sophie

    I lived in the south of France for three years, among the lavender and roses and yes, I look at your fabric gradation and could definitely picture myself back there … I’d love to WIN this one.

  15. Suztats

    I love lavender. I have some growing in my garden and stroke my hand through it each time I walk past to let the scent waft through the air. I dried the sprigs and shared them with my family and friends. It was my mother’s favorite scent, so it evokes wonderful memories.
    I love the lavender fabrics! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  16. Quilting "b"

    I love lavender. I place little packets of it into the folds of my quilts when I give them away or when I out them into the linen closet. I would love to go to France. Infact my Husband and I were dicussing going to Europe nect year for Christmas. Thank you for a great giveaway

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