Laura Wasilowski’s new book

My good friend Laura Wasilowski has a new delightful book out. If you have never meet Laura you don’t know how funny she is. This book is a wonderful reflection of her humor, whimsy and wit. I know you will enjoy it so much that I am offering a free copy to one lucky winner.

Send me your stories about Laura, or just make a kind comment and I will draw a winner on Saturday from all the commentators that I get. I will even send along a free skein of my hand dyed size 5 thread so you can get started on one of the six projects in this book.

Here is that cute little bird project. 

Tell me something I don’t know about Laura, hee hee.

15 responses on “Laura Wasilowski’s new book

  1. Sally Lambert

    Have not experienced a talk or class with Laura, but will be at my quilt guild, Village Quilters in February. Cannot wait. Will be doing one of her classes.

  2. Jeanne Marklin

    I took a class from Laura many years ago. I loved the singing of the fusing song and am glad to belong to the sisterhood. Laura is very funny and light hearted and everyone should try to take a class with her!

  3. Heidi Lund

    What I remember about when I first met Laura, was years ago when she taught a fusing class. She had so much patience with my mom who was new to rotary cutting and fusing. She’s got a fabulous smile and great laugh too! Cheers

  4. Kat

    I met Laura when she exhibited at Fermilab. Sweet, gracious and full of humor. I purchased dyed fabric and cotton thread from “you guys” at a quilting and sewing event – perhaps in Wisconsin? Aaaannnddd I own a copy of “The Art of Quilting”. This book looks cool.

  5. Debby Walters

    We were so lucky to have Laura as a teacher at our first retreat with Quilting Adventures. Little did I know when I placed her in the classroom next to Jan Krentz That I was creating entertainment for the week. Thank you Laura for a delightful time with you then and since then.

  6. Jenny Fish

    I am just discovering the fun of embroidery, you and Laura. I think this book would be a fitting step in my voyage of discovery. Thanks for your generosity.

  7. Beth H.

    Laura is a hoot-and-a-half besides being talented in the fiber arts! Her delightful and delicious sense of humor comes through in her quilts, and even more in her singing. Yes, she sang to my quilt guild! Love the Chicago School of Fusing fight song!

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