Laughing Leaves

Level: Beginner to Advanced—Full Day—No sewing machine required

Laughing Leaves is a fusing and design class. Using decorative rotary blades and fused hand dyed fabric students will create a one of a kind LEAF quilt. Frieda will show you fun ways to create strip units, leaves and stems, to achieve your woodland wonder. This is a design class and while a pattern is provided, be prepared to experiment and climb outside your box.
Supply list for this class:

  • Fabric Kit required $35 (3/4 yard of Frieda’s hand dyed fabric,and two fat quarter yards of different colored fabrics(each fabric has multipule colors on it.) And a paper pattern with written directions.
  • Iron &  ironing surface/ plain muslin or fabric for smooth surface, OR group provides four ironing stations.
  • Poster board found at office supply, craft, or fabric store.
  • Really sharp small embroidery scissors for fabric
  • mechanical pencil and extra fine sharpie marker (found at office supply store)
  • rotary mat and ruler (medium size mat and a smaller mat to use on the backside with the decorative blades)
  • box of parchment paper that you get at the grocery store, I preferr Reynolds brand or Costco brand. Two to four people can share one box.
  • Bring your rotary cutter/fancy rotary blades if you have them  (optional)
  • 3 yards of Wonder Under fusible web – it says #805 on the end of the bolt (no substitutions please)
  • Instructor will make available to purchase, decorative rotary blades, hand dyed cotton and silk fabrics

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